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7N-S8500 Leggenda
7N-S8500 Leggenda


Outersize : 18.7mm
Signal Conductor : 7N Cu D.U.C.C Stressfree 0.37mm×50strands×2cores
Signal Conductor size : 5.36 Sq(AWG 10)
Insulation material : Polyethylene resin with PTFE Teflon tape (Red & White)
First sleeve : Polyolefin with Resonance control powder + Tungsten + Amorphous
Shielding : Noise BEAT tape + copper tape
Second sleeve : High molecular Polyolefin Resin
Final shielding : Black UEW + Silver plated copper wire
Outer sleeve : UV resistance Urethane resin
Conductor resistance : 2.4mΩ/m
Capacitance : 12pF/m

Typical Analysis impurities
Material : Beryllium 50 copper
Plating : Silver layered Rhodium plating
Outer body material : Duralumin

Material : 6N Cu copper
Plating : Silver layered rhodium plating
Outer body material : Duralumin
●The final shielding and negative side of termination is connected by a wire for electric field shielding effect.
●Standard length for this speaker cable will be 2.0m pair.
●Special length order available.
●Please clearly specify terminations when ordering.
*D.U.C.C stands for Dia Ultra Crystallized Copper which is specifically developed copper wire for high-end audio cables. D.U.C.C has controlled crystal structure and the minimized transmission loss. Patent technology and registered trade mark of Mitsubishi Materials LTD.
*Noise BEAT tape is EMI noise reduction tape using magnetic alloy films. This tape is developed by NTT AT Corporation (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation Advanced Technology)
*UEW stands for Polyurethane Enameled Copper Wire
*PE Tubes PE stands for Polyethylene

Fe Ni Si Al
0.03 0.003 0.04 0.005
S Ag Na K
0.05 0.04 0.004 < 0.005
U Th H O
< 0.0002 < 0.0003 < 0.03 < 1.0
Typical Analysis(impurities) ppm/GD-MS Gas Analysis
●The standard, the specification, and the price of the product might change without a previous notice.
●"ACROLINK®" and "Stressfree®" are registered trademarks of Acro Japan Co., Ltd.
●"D.U.C.C.®" is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation.
●"Noise BEAT®" is a registered trademark of NTT Advanced Technology Corporation.
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